A user’s agenda

General presentation

The agenda is a summary of all the tasks to which a user is assigned. It comes in a monthly format, with the tasks positioned on the days.

To see your own agenda, follos the path: drop-down menu (at the top right) > Profile > Agenda:

The Beesbusy agenda helps you see and organize your work.

Tip: to view another member’s agenda, go to the Members page, click on the member concerned, their agenda can be found in the Agenda section. 

Modification of a task

Click on a task in your agenda to have access to the details of the task: you can modify it and add content.

Calendar viewing parameters

You can move around the agenda using the calendar icon at the top left.

At the very top right of the agenda, there is another calendar image that allows you to show or hide weekends.

The color of the task corresponds to the color of its project. 
Position your mouse cursor over a task to see which project and task list it belongs to, its start date, its end date and its duration.

For the rest of the display options, you can also, by checking or unchecking at the top right:

  • show or hide assigned tasks;
  • show or hide planned times;
  • display or hide the completed times;
  • display or hide total times.

Vizualisation of the workload

If working time is planned for the completion of a task, this workload will materialize in the calendar in the form of a pictogram showing the occupied time, in green, and the available time, in gray. This pictogram contains the percentage of time allocated (eg 1 day = 100%). If the person concerned is overworked for a day, the pictogram turns red to attract your attention.

We find the total time allocated in the form of a pictogram at the level of the day, week and month. This allows you to know whether the concerned person still has time available, or conversely if they are overloaded.

Visualize the overload of work in the agenda.

Record timelog and unavailability period

Record your times

You can log planned time or achived time on a task even if the task does not appear in your agenda.

(The task appears in your agenda if it is scheduled and if you are assigned to it).


To do so, click on the « Record » button Use this button to record timelog and dayoff.above your agendathen click on « Timelog ». Then complete and confirm the timesheet that opens:

Mark times from the agenda

The time you have entered is automatically carried over to the « Who » tab of the task and to the summary of times in the different views.

Add unavailability period

You can add your days off to your agenda by clicking on the same « Record » button Use this button to record timelog and dayoff. and then “Offday”. Then fill in the page that opens:

Add days off from your agenda.

Your unavailability automatically generates an occupancy rate, which is visible in your agenda.

your days off are shown in your agenda.

Non accesible tasks

If you look at the agenda of another member, you will see “tasks not accessible” appear, which materialize the tasks of a project to which you do not have access because it is not shared with you. These spots are gray in color.

If you participate in a project for which you are not an administrator, and the member whose calendar you are looking at is positioned on confidential tasks in which you do not participate, these confidential tasks will also appear under the name of “task not accessible”, but they will be the color of the project.

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