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The Beesbusy community is built around sponsors, experts, and reviews

A win-win sponsorship for the sponsored party and the sponsor

Recommend Beesbusy to your contacts 

They get a 20% discount on their first invoice and you choose your reward:

  • credit on your subscription that’s worth the 20% discount of the sponsored party.


  • A gift card value corresponding of 20% discount of the sponsored party.


Amazon gift card


1) Invite one or more sponsored parties

Fill a contact form out for each sponsored party. You can customize the sponsorship email. Our advisors relay your approach to introduce Beesbusy to your sponsored party. 


2) Your contacts subscribe to Beesbusy

Your sponsored parties get a 20% discount on their first invoice (the discount is higher on the annual package).


3) Choose your reward for each new customer

You get the amount given to each sponsored party either in the form of a credit on your next subscription or as a gift card.

A community of more than 1,000 experts

Expert badge


Win badges and reach levels of expertise depending on your use.


Experts can make an active contribution to the Beesbusy product plan by submitting evolutions and testing some features in preview.


Be aware of the evolutions submitted by the community in the experts nook page.

Different type of badges depending on your use


Your badges allow you to see at a glance your activity and your profile: communicator, manager, entrepreneur

You can also check your member’s badges and learn more about their profile.

The winning of badges makes it easier to master Beesbusy by all members.

Users reviews

More than 45,000 users rely on Beesbusy



You have specific needs, we can make custom developments.



Add your logo and choose the colors of your workspace.

Online help

Online help

With online help and support at your service, your questions will not go unanswered.



Your data is used by Beesbusy only and is never resold.