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Beesbusy simplifies work processes.

Discover all the features teams use to work together and organize their tasks.

Easy-to-use features

User-friendly interface so you can start right away.

View of the task lists of the project in Beesbusy

Organize everything

Display all your tasks in custom lists:

  • Organize your work as you wish.
  • Once the task is completed, mark it as complete.
  • Move a task from one list to another with one click.
Tasks planning of the project by chronological order

Plan your projects in a simple visual way

With the When view, planning your projects becomes easy:

  • Schedule your tasks.
  • Move and reschedule your tasks.
  • Structure your work with links and milestones.
  • Reschedule your whole project while keeping its timeline.
  • Display your planning in a Gantt chart.
What tab of a task in Beesbusy

Everything in one place

Communicate effectively and centralize information to ensure the success of the project:

  • Add comments.
  • Share attachments.
  • Display priority and progress of the task.
  • Create meetings.
  • Set confidential tasks.

Advanced project management features

Easily manage your team and  track your progress.

Tasks of various projects display on an unique calendar

Multi-projects views

Keep an eye on everything.

Manage several projects at the same time with 3 customizable multi-projects views:

  • Schedule: a clear timeline of all the tasks.
  • Gantt: multi-projects Gantt chart.
  • Calendars: team management.
Time sheet of all the tasks of the project

Time tracking

Input and manage time logs.

Input time logs on a task and display detailed reports: per tasks in the When view, or per member in the Who view:

  • Scheduled time
  • Achieved time
  • Remaining time
  • Completion
global indicator making it possible to visualize the progress of projects grouped in the portfolio


Manage everything.

3 tabs to manage your tasks and projects in a visual and overall way.

  • Individual: all your tasks listed by category (late, for today…).
  • Global: overview of all your projects.
  • Customized: create specific indicators for you and your team.

A user-friendly interface

More efficiency with a visual organization.

Customization of your Beesbusy interface

White-label interface

Customize your team’s workspace.

  • With the Customization, personalize the interface with your logo and colors.
  • Create a corporate atmosphere for all team members.
Full screen mode for all the views in Beesbusy

Your projects in full screen

With the Presentation Mode, display, modify and present your projects in full screen.

  • Work without disctractions.
  • More visibility during meetings.
Use label to affect concepts to tasks in a projetc

Visual organization

Create custom categories.

  • Create colorful tags and personalize their title.
  • Locate task categories at a glance.
  • Use the label filters to organize your work.

More collaboration and more efficiency for your team

Easily manage your team and boost your projects.

Manage the members collaborations of the project

Collaboration and management

Manage your team from anywhere.

  • Invite new members to work with you.
  • Manage the access of your team members to each project.
  • Work with whoever you want, wherever you are.

Communication efficiency


Use the Buzz to notify your team.

  •  Send a Buzz from a task or project with a personalized note.
  • Contact team members to point out important elements.
  • Forget useless notifications: you only get the essentials.


Incite appreciation and recognition at work.

  • Even remotely, congratulate or thank your team.
  • Add a personalized note.
  • Celebrate achieved goals with one click.

More than 35,000 users rely on Beesbusy



Even remotely, thank your team and stimulate team spirit by showing appreciation for their work.



With the white-label, add your logo and choose the colors of your workspace.

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Online help

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