Planning and work management

With Beesbusy, organize, plan and work together easily with your team to accomplish your tasks and projects.

Manage the workload of the task to meet projects deadlines.

Realistic planning

Create and manage realistic schedules.

Visualize the work and time needed on a project.

Medium and long-term anticipation

Gain visibility and facilitate decision-making.

Keep the track of the work by creating efficient plannings.

Work planning

Make management easier with up-to-date schedules.

Choose employees with the availability and skills required for the work to be carried out

Tasks assignment

Assign tasks according to availability.

Give your employees a roadmap and smoothen the exchanges.

Agenda of the teams

Manage and communicate team agendas easily.

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Active users percentage and prices decreasing

Pricing plans for all organizations


In project management, there are active users and occasional users (participants and/or readers). 

Beesbusy’s rates take this fact into account to enable all team members to collaborate and to ensure the success of projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a project management tool?

A project management tool allows you to organize tasks, plan them and coordinate the various resources (employees, suppliers, customers, etc.) according to constraints and availability.

More and more organizations are using the project mode to manage their activities.

You can manage your business activities with the objective of planning interventions, missions, work … this concerns mainly consulting firms, IT companies, marketing agencies, craftsmen …

In this context we will use advanced features such as the Gantt chart, calculation of the staffing rate, optimization of the occupancy rate, the planning of ressources, the entry and the follow-up of times, …

It is also possible to use project management software to manage activites known as support function such as marketing, recruitment, administrative tasks, IT after-sales service…

These activities concern all companies, and we will use collaborative task management functions in Kanban mode where everyone can organize and/or consult the progress of tasks and activities.

What are the key factors of a project management application?

An efficient project management application must offer advanced planning features to allow the project manager to establish a detailed schedule with links between tasks and milestones materializing strong deadlines.

Project management software must also be an easy-to-use collaborative work tool to allow all users (occasional, contributors) to read the schedules, validate a task, enter a comment on a task and update their times.

Finally, communication and information sharing are essential factors for the success of a project. Project management solutions must offer elaborate and selective features that allow information to flow, without overwhelming users with an excessive flow of notifications.

What are the different types of project management applications?

There are currently two main types of project management tools.

“Work organization” oriented tools that allow collaboration on activities and the organization of tasks with an agile and very visual approach. The planning of tasks in time allows you to have a global vision of the planning and to understand the deadlines of the project.

“Gantt chart” oriented tools that offer a more precise planning of tasks with the possibility of positioning work time and thus distinguish the workload allocated to the task from the duration of the task.

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