Labels allow you to add categories to your tasks and identify them in a visual way.

Add a label

Task > Details panel: On the right, click on the “Labels” icon .

In the Labels panel, click on the colored rectangle corresponding to the label you want to add. You can add multiple labels.

These labels are visible to all members of the project.

Create labels to organize the tasks of your projects.

Remove a label

To remove a label, click on the corresponding colored rectangle again.

Customize or rename labels

You can add a name to the labels to reference your color code.

In the “Labels” panel, click to the right of the colored rectangle (a stylus  icon will appear). Enter the name of the label, then press “Enter” to validate. To modify an existing name, follow the same procedure.

These label names are valid for the project only.

Display of labels

The labels are visible in the What view as colored rectangles to the right of the task.

See the labels added to a task in the What view.

In the planning views (When, Who and multi-projects), the labels appear if the level of zoom allows a task frame large enough to display all the task’s labels.

See the labels added on a task in the When view.

In the different views, labels can be used to filter  the display of tasks.

Filter your project's views with labels.

You can also display the labels caption a the top of the project. Go to the project’s settings to activate it.

Display the tasks labels in the project.

To learn more, visit our article dedicated to the display options of a project.

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