It is possible to set personal reminders but also for other members of the task if you have planned a date (and possibly a time) for the start and/or end.

To set a reminder, task > When tab of the detail panel : At the bottom of the panel, go to the reminders section.

There are two types of reminders:

  • Reminder for all members: a reminder will be sent to all members assigned to the task
  • My reminders: a reminder will be sent to you, whether you are assigned to the task or not

Select a value in front of the desired type of reminder. Reminders can be triggered before the task starts, on the date (and time) of the task start, when the task is overdue, or when the task is marked as complete.

The recipients of the reminders will receive a notification in Beesbusy (and via email if this option is activated in the Profile).

Reminders are visible in your notification center Notifications at the top right of the screen.


If you have downloaded the Beesbusy smartphone app, you will also receive your reminders in push notifications.

Push notification reminder

Note : if no start or end time is set, the reminder will be triggered at midnight on the day in question.

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