Attachment to a task

Add an attachment

You can add one or more attachments to a task (document, photo, PDF…). Access the detail panel of the task in question by clicking on it.

Task > What tab: click on the “Add an attachment” button and select your document:

Button to add attachment


After being uploaded, the attachment will appear at the bottom of the task details panel:

Attachment is displayed



In the What view, when a task contains an attachment, an  icon is displayed:

Attachment icon on task


Note1: An attachment can not exceed 100 MB, but you can add as many attachments as you want.

Note 2: The addition of attachments is reserved for users with a subscription. However, users with a Free count can download attachments.

Preview an attachment

Click on the menu button at the bottom right in the task details:

How to see the attachment's detail


In the attachment menu, click on the attachment title:

Menu of the attachment

The document preview is displayed on the screen:

Prévisualisation d'une photo dans Beesbusy


Note 3: only some document formats allow previewing:

bmp    image/bmp    ✓
htm    text/htm        ✓
html    text/html    ✓
jpg    image/jpg    ✓
jpeg    image/jpeg    ✓
pdf    application/pdf    ✓
png    image/png    ✓
tiff    image/tiff    ✓
txt    text/plain    ✓

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