Default settings and options for your projects

The Configuration tab of your profile takes you to a page where 3 sections allow you, as a project creator, to choose a few default items:

By default project settings


Default working hours for your projects

Set up working hours allows you to indicate the days and hours that can be taken into account in the planning of a given project.

You have the option to set working hours for professional projects only.

To change the project type, read this article.

When you set the default working hours for your projects, they are taken into account each time you create a new project. You can then adjust these in the settings of the projet itself if the default settings are not appropriate.

User drop-down menu > Profile > Configuration: go to the “Default working hours for my projects” section.

Specify working hours by adjusting the blocks. You can also add new blocks by clicking on an empty space. To remove a block, click on the cross at the top left of it. You can have multiple blocks on a single day.

Set your working hours in your calendar.

Example: If, for example, you have a 4-day working week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from 9 AM to 6 PM: If you schedule a 5-day task on Monday, the task will be scheduled until the following Monday to take into account your off day (ie, Wednesday) and weekends.

Note 1: By default, working hours are set from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Note 2: Any modification of your default working hours will only apply when you create a new project afterwards, the modifications do not apply to your old projects.

“Off” days

You can create “off” days in order to manage public holidays for instance, without changing your work schedule. To do this, click on the button “Add an ‘off day’” and select the chosen date in the calendar. You can select as many dates as you want. The “off” days will be automatically taken into account when you are scheduling tasks in your project.

Add "off" days to your agenda.

Working hours of a project

You can also configure the working hours for a specific project. The principle is exactly the same as for the default working hours, only these modifications will be applied to the project itself.

Project >  Options du projet  “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the window (below the user drop-down menu). You access the project configuration. Go to the “Project calendar” section to modify the working hours and the “off” days.

Note 3: These settings are applied to the whole project, for all the members assigned to the project.

Impact on display

When you schedule a task (Task> When tab of the task detail), the hours not included in the working hours are grayed out. You can still schedule a task on these areas

If you have chosen in the project display options to “zoom in on working hours”, then the display of days and hours not worked will be reduced.


Default display options for projects

These are the options described in the article Display options of a project.

The options you define in your profile will apply by default to all the projects you create.

Later, if you wish, you can modify the options for a particular project.


New task default parameters for projects

Assign the creator of the task

At your profile level, you can only change the setting “Assign task creator.”

You can assign a task to its creator when the task is created by checking the relevant box.

Assign task creator

This configuration allows you to automatically add the member who created the task on the “Who” tab of the task.

The choice you make in this section of your profile will apply by default to all the projects you create.

Later, if you wish, you can modify the settings for a particular project.

The default settings for a new task at the project level

These settings are the same as those described in the article New task default parameters for projects.