Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks

Task > Details panel: On the right, click on the “Recurrence” icon  .

  • Choose the frequency of the recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and its rhythm (number of times by frequency).
  • Choose when the recurrence should end: either after a number of recurrences, or on a specific date.
  • Click on “Create the recurrence“.

Warning: The settings of your recurrence rule must not generate more than 50 occurrences. The task must be scheduled to create a recurrence.

Note 1 :  The creation of a recurrence automatically generates an initial task (reference task) and a task for each occurrence.

Display of recurring tasks

In the What view, only one recurring task is visible. When you mark a task as completed, the following occurrence is displayed.

In the planning views (When, Who and multi-projects), all recurring tasks are displayed.

Create recurring taks to simplify our planification.

Edit a recurring task

You can modify the configuration of an existing recurrence. In the “Recurrence”   panel, modify your parameters then click on “Update recurrence“.

Note 2: These modifications can cause some tasks generated for occurrences to be deleted.

Delete a recurrence

You can delete the recurrence attached to a task from the initial task. To do this, click on the recurring task, then on the “Recurrence”   icon. If this is not the original task, follow the redirect link. Then click on “Delete recurrence” and confirm your choice. The tasks generated for each occurrence disappear.

Note 3 : If you delete an initial task, all occurrence tasks will also be deleted. If you delete an occurrence task, only this task disappears.

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