When view of a project

Project > When view: This view allows you to display and organize your tasks in a timeline. This view is the representation of a Gantt chart.

You can perform several actions, you will find the list below:

  • Plan a project
    • Create and schedule a task
    • Reschedule, extend or shorten a task
    • Create a sequence of tasks
      • Create links and fixed links between tasks
      • Create milestones
    • Display task status
    • Display overtime
    • Display planned and achieved time logs
  • Timesheet display
  • Change display settings
  • Print the schedule in PDF

Plan a project in the When view

Note: Changes made in one view are automatically carried over to the other views of the project (What and Who).

Create and schedule a new task

Use the “New task” field below the task list to add a new task to the project. Once you have typed the name of the task, hit “Enter” or click on the “+”  .

Schedule an existing task (not yet scheduled) directly in the schedule. On the line corresponding to this task in the schedule, click on the start or end date of your task:

Once this task is added to the schedule, you will be able to change its duration.

Reschedule, extend or shorten a task

To modify the duration or dates of a task directly in the schedule:

  • To reschedule a task, use drag-and-drop
  • To extend or shorten a task, position your cursor at one end of the task and use the handles to change the duration

If this modification affects one or several linked tasks, these tasks are automatically moved. If a milestone task prevents moving, this limit is indicated by an orange zone.

To modify the duration or dates of a task in the task details panel:

Click on a task in the schedule to display the When tab of the task details window. You can then change the datestimes and duration.

Create a sequence of tasks

Create links and fixed links between tasks

Use the links between the tasks if the tasks must be carried out in a specific order. For example, if task B cannot start until task A is completed.  Use fixed links if the duration between tasks is a fixed and non-compressible period.

Links and fixed links :

Links and fixed links

To learn more, read our article dedicated to links.

Create milestones

Milestones are important steps in a project. They mark a deadline, a stopping point in a process. It can be a delivery date, a step requiring validation…


To learn more, read our article dedicated to milestones.

Display task status

color code is used to display the status of tasks according to their schedule:

  • Red: late
  • Orange: in progress
  • Gray: coming soon
  • Green: finished

In the « When » view, the colors of the task status are displayed as follows :

Tasks colors

Display overtime

When the time logged on a task exceed its scheduled duration, the excess is materialized in the form of hatches.

Hatches task

Change display settings

  • You can display your tasks in chronological order, by task list, in a custom order or by task number. Click on the drop-down menu on top of the list of tasks to change the display. In the custom order, use drag-and-drop to organize the tasks within the list.
  • Use the filters   at the top right to customize the display (by member, smart-tag, task status, labels)
  • Use the calendar icon   at the bottom right to choose a display date and the arrows to navigate.
  • You can also use the mini-map   to the left of the calendar to see your whole project. Click on a specific area to display it.
  • Adjust the zoom level with the slider and the icons   at the bottom right.
  • Project >   “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the window to customize display options. For more information, please read the article dedicated to display options of a project.

Setting up an initial Gantt version

The Gantt version feature lets you define the basic schedule for a project by clicking on the button Baseline icon at the top right of the view, then on “Add a new version”.

You can create new, updated versions and compare their progress with that of your initial project.

To find out more, see the Gantt Version online help article. Gantt version


Generate the schedule in PDF

If you want to share your planning outside Beesbusy, you can make a PDF print.

See the article Generate a PDF of your project schedule to find out more.

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