Read a Buzz

To read a Buzz, click on the “BuzzBuzz icon located at the top right of the screen, to the left of the user drop-down menu.

You will access the list of received notifications. There are different types of notifications:

  • A Buzz sent by a member from a task or project
  • A reminder notification sent by Beesbusy when you set a reminder on a task
  • A notification regarding a new collaboration or a collaboration deletion
  • A Buzz from Beesbusy informing you about new features available in the application
  • A reward sent by a member
  • A notification when archiving or unarchiving a project you’re working on
  • To mark a Buzz as “read”, click on the corresponding Buzz. The blue frame disappears.

You can delete a Buzz by clicking on the “Trash”  icon to the right of the Buzz in question. A confirmation will be requested.