Automatic notifications in a project

The automatic notifications system allows a user to subscribe to project notifications based on events taking place in the project.

Subscribing to notifications based on project events

Go to the project you want, then access its settings.

Project settings Beesbusy

Go to the “Project collaboration” section at the bottom of the page.

To activate your notifications, click on the bell to the right of your name to open the choice of notifications.

Collaboration on project Beesbusy


Clicking on the bell takes you to the 13 possible event notifications:

  • The creation of a task
  • Task comments
  • Assigning members to a task
  • The location of a task
  • The completion of the task
  • The assignment of members to the actions of a task
  • Adding an attachment
  • Scheduling a task
  • Entering time on a task
  • A scheduling constraint on a task
  • Creating an action on a task
  • The status of an action
  • Deleting task


Tick the box or boxes you want. When you tick a box, the bell turns blue to indicate that a type of event has been chosen.

Blue Bell Beesbusy


If an event corresponding to one of your notification choices occurs, you will receive a legible notification:

–          In the notification centre of your Beesbusy account

–          In your mailbox corresponding to your Beesbusy profile

–          On your smartphone (push notification) if you have installed the Beesbusy application


Notification on Beesbusy

A buzz is sent when an event has occurred on a project, and you have asked to be notified.

You can go directly to the relevant task by clicking on the eye pictogram:

Buzz on Beesbusy


Notifications by email :

An email is also sent to the email chosen in your Beesbusy profile. It will indicate the event that took place like this:

Email notification Beesbusy


Manage Buzz subscriptions

The Buzz subscription button is only accessible to members who are creators or administrators of a project.

Button Buzz subscription

Use this button to view and modify the automatic buzz subscriptions of project members.

Automatic Buzz subscription on Beesbusy

Members always retain the freedom to choose their own subscriptions and can therefore unsubscribe from a subscription. Even if they have been subscribed by an administrator.