Manage the progress percentage of a task

Task completed

To mark a task as completed, you have 2 options:

  • Project > What view: click directly on the “Validation”  icon on the task
  • Task details > What tab: click on the “Validation”   icon to the right of the progress bar.

If you mark a task as completed, the remaining times on the project’s members will automatically be set to 0. You will be asked for confirmation at the bottom of the screen.

Note 1: In the What view of the project, completed tasks are gathered in a green panel at the bottom of the task lists. In the planning views (When and Who views of a project, and multi-projects views), completed tasks are framed in green.

Note 2: in the What tab of the details panel of a completed task, you can see who marked the task as completed, ad when (date and time).

Note 3: Use the filters in the top right corner to filter the display of your tasks by their status.

Progress percentage

You can also specify a percentage of progress other than 100% (task completed). To do this: Task details > What tab: move the cursor set to 0 by default on the progress bar.

The percentage of progress is displayed on the task in the What view.

Percentage on a task

Note 4: If you have logged time on a task, the progress percentage will be automatically updated accordingly and you won’t be able to change it manually. To learn more about this, read our article dedicated to time management.

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