Set up the assignment by default of one or more members

You can assign by default one or more members when creating a task, including the task creator.

Assign a default member

Project > “Settings”  icon at the top right of the project window (below the user drop-down menu). You access the project settings. Go to “Collaboration on project” section.

Check the “Assigned by default” box facing the desired member(s).

Assign a default member on a task.

Leave all boxes unchecked if you don’t want any member (or yourself) to be automatically assigned when creating a new task.

Assign the task’s creator

Project > “Settings” Options du projet icon at the top right of the project window. You will access the projects settings. Go to the « New task default parameters » section. 

Check the « assign task creator » box. The person who creates the task will automatically be assigned to it.

Set the creator as the assign person on the task by default.

Each time a new task is created in the project, your settings will be applied.

Note: You can also add members directly to the project by typing the member’s name in the “Search or create a member” field. If the member does not exist in your list of members, it will be automatically created and added to the list of project members.