Comments on a task

In this article, learn about the following:

  • Add a comment
  • Edit or delete a comment
    • Edit a comment
    • Delete a comment
  • Pin a comment
  • Create actions from the comment entry box

Add a comment to a task

You can write comments on a task to add a notea description or any kind of information.

Access the task’s detail panel of a task by clicking on the corresponding task.

Comments on a task

Task > What tab of the detail panel: enter your text in the “Write your comment…” box and click outside of the box to validate your text entry (or use Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard).

Comments are displayed in their order of creation, the most recent at the top.

Add rich text

You can also enrich the text of your comment by clicking on the pen at the bottom left of the “Write your comment” box:

click on the pen to enter text

Text area

Once you’ve clicked on the pen, the menu to enrich text appears at the top of the box. You can remove this menu by clicking on the pen again.

The rich text tool lets you:

  • Bold text elements
  • Underline text elements
  • Cross out text elements
  • Italicize text elements
  • Select text font
  • Change text size
  • Generate a bullet list
  • Add/remove a hypertext link
  • Add emojis
  • Etc.

Drag and drop an image into a comment

You can integrate images of your choice directly into the comments of your tasks.

To do this, you have two options:

  1. Drag and drop: hold down the image and drag it into the comment area.
  2. Copy/paste: copy the chosen image and paste it into the comment area using the shortcut CTRL+V.

This feature is available for images in various formats: PNG, JEPG, GIF, SVG, WEBP, etc.

You can also drag & drop or copy & paste documents (other than images) into your comments. They will then appear as clickable links.

Spelling correction

When writing comments in your tasks, you can get help from a spellchecker.

This spellchecker can only work if your web browser’s spellchecker is activated. To activate it, simply click on your browser settings, select “Languages” and activate “Grammar and spelling assistance”.

Once activated, misspelled words will be underlined with a red border, and a suggested correction will be offered if you right-click on the highlighted word.

Enlarge/reduce comment entry area

You can also considerably enlarge your text area by clicking on the button zoom icon .

Comment validation

Once you’ve entered your comment, click on the arrow at the bottom right of the text box or press Ctrl+Enter:

Comment validation

Edit or delete a comment

Edit a comment

To edit a comment you wrote, click on the 3 small dots to the right of the posted comment you want to edit.

The text of the comment is then highlighted. Start typing to replace all text in the comment. If you want to modify only part of the text, place your cursor in the desired location and type your modifications.

If you’ve made a mistake, use your keyboard commands to undo your changes (Ctrl+Z).

To validate your changes, click just outside of the comment entry frame.

Warning: once the modification is validated, you cannot go back.

Note: You can only edit comments of which you are the author.

Delete a comment

To delete a comment you wrote, click on the 3 small dots  to the right of the comment and then click on « Delete ».

Click on the confirmation   icon to validate the deletion, or the cancel   icon to abort the deletion.

Note: You can only delete comments of which you are the author.

Pin a comment

You can pin an existing comment to the top of the comment box. To do this, click on the arrow   located in the left corner of the comment.

To remove the pin from a pinned comment, click the arrow   in the left corner. The comment will then be placed in the comments area according to its creation date.

Create actions from the comment entry box

You can also use the comments entry box to directly create actions. In the comment box, list your actions (one line = one action), and then validate the comment. Then click on the 3 small dots  to the right of the comment and then on “Transform into an action. ”.

action 1 (return)

action 2 (return)

action 3

The actions panel opens and you can assign the actions or modify them if necessary.

For more information, see the article dedicated to actions.

Note: In the What view, when a task contains a comment, an   icon is displayed, and when the tasks contain an action, an   icon is displayed.

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