Trello import

Import data from Trello

User drop-down menu > Connectors: In the Trello section, click on “Connect” to synchronize Beesbusy and Trello. Some privacy rules apply, allow them if you want to continue syncing with Trello.

Once this synchronization is complete, in the Trello section of connectors, click on Trello import , by checking the desired project(s).

Your projects (boards) can be found in your projects menu on the left of the screen as Beesbusy projects. By default, the project information collected in Trello is displayed in your project, you can later edit it like a normal project.

Items that can be imported

Trello Beesbusy
Board Project
Inactive board Archived project

Name, progress

Due date




Name, progress

End date



List Task list
Member Member (without an email address)

Items that can’t be imported

Attachments cannot be imported.