Locking the Gantt

You can lock your project schedule (When view) with a single click.

This feature allows you to prevent modification of the project schedule.

Only a member with administrator rights on the project can lock and unlock the Gantt.


How to lock the Gantt

Click on the button locking icon at the top right of the When view.

botton lock on view when

Once your project has been locked, the button turns grey, Grey button  confirming that your Gantt has been locked. A padlock also appears to the left of the project in the project column.

botton unlock on view when


The consequences of locking a schedule


Once locked, you can no longer make any changes to a task’s schedule:

– You cannot change the start date, end date or duration of a task

– You cannot enter scheduled times

– You cannot set a link between two tasks

– You cannot delete a scheduled task


If you try to make any of these modifications, a message will appear at the bottom of the page to inform you that it is not possible, and to let you know who has locked the planning:



However, you can still perform actions that have no effect on the schedule:

– Create a task

– Add/delete a label

– Mark a task as “completed.”

– Write a comment

– Send a buzz

– Change completion percentage

– Set a task as a priority

– Set a task as confidential

– Etc.


How to unlock the Gantt

Only the member who has locked the Gantt can unlock it by clicking on the button Grey button .