Member profile

You can view a member’s Beesbusy profile for information about them and your collaboration within the tool.

To access it, click on the “Members” icon on the left of your screen. Your list of members appears, you can click on a member to view his profile.

A member’s profile is divided into sections, the list of which is set out below. Click on the name of a section for more details:

  • General member information
  • Custom fields
  • Smart-tags
  • Badges
  • Agenda
  • Shared projects

To remove the member, click at the bottom of the page on “Remove member”, you will be asked for confirmation.

General member information

In this section, you will find the member’s avatar, his Beesbusy nickname, his email address, his company and his position. These last two pieces of information are optional.

Information member

Custom fields

Here, you can add whatever seems relevant to qualify this member, knowing that only you will have access. You can thus indicate skills that seem useful to you, whether it is a supplier, a business unit within a company, etc.

Custom Fields


You can attach the member to one or more existing smart-tags, or assign a new smart-tag directly in this section.


In the badges section, you can see the badges acquired by the member, and therefore his use of the tool.

member badges


The member’s “Agenda” section shows you the distribution of the member’s tasks in a calendar. Confidential tasks are displayed there under the name “Task not accessible”. Finally, when the occupation times are entered in a task for a day, the percentage of occupied time appears.

Member agenda

Good to know: you cannot change the weekly work hours of another member, unless it is a virtual resource.

Learn more about this:

Shared projects

This section shows you the projects you share with the selected member. You can also add this member to your projects in this section, remove it from your projects, and administer its rights.

Shared projects

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