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  • What is a smart-tag used for?
  • Create a smart-tag
  • Edit a smart-tag
  • Use smart tags
    • Smart-tags and display filters
    • Smart-tags and project sharing
    • Smart-tags and assignment of members to a task
    • Smart-tags and members

What is a smart-tag used for?

The smart-tag will allow you to group members, according to the characteristics you choose (location, skills, position, department…). You can then find the smart-tags in different places and use them to save time when assigning members or to filter a view.

Examples: members of your communication department, project managers, members of the New York office, members of the London office, interns…

Create a smart-tag

“Members”>   “Smart-tags” tab. Go to the “Create new smart-tag” section to name your smart-tag then click on “Create smart-tag“. Then you can add the members you want using the drop-down menu.


Note 1: The smart-tags you create are visible and usable only by you.

Note 2: You can create as many smart tags as you want and a member can belong to more than one smart tag.

Edit a smart-tag

To rename a smart-tag, position your cursor next to its name. Make your changes, then press “Enter” or click outside the field to apply the changes.

To delete a smart-tag, click the   delete icon to the right of the smart-tag’s name.

To remove a member from a smart-tag, hover your mouse over the member’s name, and click the   remove icon on the right.

Use smart tags

Smart-tags and display filters

The smart-tags created are included in the filters used to customize the display of your views. By selecting a smart-tag, only members included in it will be selected for display.

Smart-tags and project sharing

Project>   “Settings” icon: In the project settings, you can share the project with the members of a smart-tag. Use the   toggle to switch from “member” to “smart-tag”. Select the desired smart-tag from the drop-down menu.

collaboration smart-tags

See the article on project sharing to learn more.

Smart-tags and assigning members to a task

Task> “Who” tab: In the detail of the task, you can assign the task to the members of a smart-tag. Use the   toggle to switch from “member” to “smart-tag”. See the article on assigning members to a task for more information.

Dashboard indicators organized by smart-tags

Customized dashboards allow the creation of monitoring indicators by smart-tag. This allows you to track the activity of a team, not just one member or all members.

This also works for the project portfolios of the global dashboard.

Smart-tags and members

Consult a member’s profile to view and manage the smart-tags to which they belong.

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