Multi-projects Calendars

Multi-projects > Calendars view: The multi-projects Calendars view displays all of your team member’s tasks over time. The display is optimized by displaying tasks in a parallel way.

The calendar view in multi-projects displays the schedules of several projects at once.

You can perform several actions, you will find the list below.

  • Display and plan several projects
  • View planned and achieved timelogs
  • View the status of tasks
  • Display time 
  • Schedule workload 
  • View occupancy rates
  • Display time tracking report
  • Change display settings

Display and plan several projects

When you arrive in one of the multi-project views, if no project is selected, you will be asked to select one or more projects to display. You can then modify this selection with the filters.

Hover your mouse on a taskto display several information:

  • Project, tasklist and task’sname 
  • Start and end dates and duration of the task 
  • Assigned members 
  • Taskprogress percentage  

Click on the task to access the details panel (What tab) of the task. 

You can continue to schedule, expand, or reduce the duration of a task in multi-projects views. If applicable, Beesbusy will take working hours, links and milestones of each project into account.

View the plannedand achieved timelogs 

The Multi-Project Calendars view enables you to view the planned and achieved times for eachtask. To do thisyouneed to check (at the bottom of the screen) the timelogsyouwant to display in your Gantt chart.

Display the timelogs as you want to see the planned times as well as the completed times.

Planned or achievedtimelogs are visible by a darkercolor on the tasks.

See easily the important times of the task directly on it with the darker color.


View the status of tasks

A color code is used to display the status of tasks according to their schedule:

  • Red: late
  • Orange: in progress
  • Gray: upcoming
  • Green: completed

You can reinforce this display in the options of the multi-project views.

Display time

Schedule workload

By selecting “Display timelogs” in the « Who » viewyou can schedule workload to a member.

Display timelogs

For each memberyou have the time slots (corresponding to the duration of the task) on which you can schedule their workloadThese time slots are shown by colored areas (the color of your project).

See the planned workload on several projects at once with the calendar view in multi-projects mode.

View occupancy rates

The occupancy rates are visible on the member’s line and correspond to the member’s occupancy rate per day on all the projects on which he is assigned. In workload planning, the occupancy rate allows you to see if a member is available and for how many hours, but also if you have planned too much workload for them.

The colors of the occupancy rates are: 

  • Green: planned workload 
  • Grey: workload available 
  • Red: workload exceeding the length of the member’s day


Display the times tracking report

You can use the toggle button at the top left to switch to the time sheet by member.

Visit this article dedicated to the display of time to learn more.

Change display settings

  • Use the filters  at the top right to customize the display (by project, member, smart-tags, task status, labels).
  • Use the calendar icon   at the bottom right to choose a display date and the arrows to navigate.
  • Adjust the zoom level with the slider and the icons   at the bottom right.
  • Multi-projects views >  “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the window to customize display options. For more information, please read the article dedicated to display options of the multi-projects views.