Presentation mode

You have the option to display all windows of the Beesbusy application in Presentation mode.

The Presentation mode is a full-screen mode that hides all menus and tabs to maximize your workspace and display only your Beesbusy interface.

This is very useful when you want to share your screen in a meeting, when you want to maximize the display of a schedule, or when you want to work without any distractions.

Presentation Mode

Activate the Presentation mode

In order to display Beesbusy in Presentation mode, click on the “Screen”   icon accessible in the top right corner of any page.

You can continue to create, edit, or delete information while using the Presentation mode.

To switch between tabs, click the arrow   at the top left of the page.

Exit the Presentation mode

To exit Presentation mode, press the “Esc” key on the keyboard, or the cross   at the top left of the page.

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