The Beesbusy search tool

The search tool is located in the top left corner of the Beesbusy interface.

Representation of the search tool on the Beesbusy application


The search perimeter

The search perimeter depends on the place where you are positioned when you make the search:

  •  If you search while you are in the Dashboards, the Members section, or the Multi-projects views, your search will be on all the projects you have access to.
  • If you search while in a particular project, your search will be limited to the tasks in that project.

In this second case, you will then have the possibility to extend your search to all your projects by clicking on “Extend search to the whole application”.

Extend your search to the entire application button


Nature of the search

The classic search

Search bar

By clicking on “Search”, you can search by keywords, numbers, unique task numbers, etc.

Classic search tab "Invoice"

Search on special fields

By clicking on the orange magnifying glass, you can perform a “classic search”, and you can also search for special fields.

To search for a special field, you need to tick the box as shown below:


Representation window special fields

A drop-down list will appear with the special fields of your subscription.

It is possible to search for several special fields at the same time. To do this, select a special field and return to the drop-down menu to select a new one.

If you have selected a special field that you do not want to search, simply click on the button below:

Representation of how to remove a special field

Nature of results

Nature of the results of the classic search


The system searches all items regardless of their nature:

– Name of a task

– Name of a task list

– Name of a project

– Name of a member

– Action term

– Term of a comment

– Name of an attachment


Searching for special fields

The search for a special field can be done on:

– Projects

– Tasks

– Members

– Times

Easily visualise the element you are looking for

At the end of your search, when you click on the result, the system positions you on the result highlighted by a blue box. You can then easily access the content of the item.

Result of the searched item framed in blue

Good to know: A minimum of 3 characters must be entered to perform a search.