Page shared for consultation via URL

A project’s “Page shared for consultation via URL” feature of a project allows you to give insight into a project to people who don’t have access to it. Either because they don’t have a Beesbusy account, or because the project is not shared with them.

This is made possible by generating an HTML link to a public page displaying the project data.

This page can only be viewed in read-only mode.


Generate a shared page

Project > Settings > Page shared for consultation via URL

Only project administrators can generate a shared page.

To generate a public page, simply fill in the information below:

Generate a public page


Accessible views

You can make the When view, the What view or both simultaneously accessible.


Expiry date

The date entered defines the end date of the generated link.

After this date, the link will no longer be operational.


Choice of elements to display

You can also choose which elements to display when you publish your shared page:

Choice the items to share


Generating a shared page link

Once you’ve filled in the above information, click on the “Generate a public link” button: a link will automatically be presented below.

Generate a link

You can copy it by clicking on the button: Copy

If you change the end date of the link or the views presented, remember to update it by clicking on the button: Update


View the shared page

Anyone with the generated link can view the project by pasting the link into their browser’s address bar and pressing Enter.

Public page