Notifications settings

When you receive a notification in Beesbusy, it is displayed as a badge on the Buzz icon  mceclip0.png located at the top right of your interface.

You can also choose to receive (or not) notifications and/or information by email.

User drop-down menu > Profile: go to the “Preferences” section.

You can choose to receive communication campaigns by email and/or receive Buzz notifications by email. To do this, check/uncheck the corresponding box(es).

  • Communication campaigns allow the Beesbusy team to inform you about the release of new features or about special offers.
  • Buzz notifications are generated automatically following actions on your projects or following a member’s request.

You then have the option of entering one or two addresses in order to differentiate professional Buzz from personal Buzz. Enter the addresses you want below and press “Enter”. A verification email will be sent to you.

Professional Buzzes are all the Buzz sent about your professional projects.

Personal Buzzes are all the Buzz sent about your personal projects.

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