Task modification history

The task history lets you view all modifications made to a task in reverse chronological order. For each modification, you can see who made it, as well as the date and hour it was made.

View task history

To view a task’s history, open the task and click on the “History” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the side menu:

Task modification history

History display

When the history is open, you can view all previous actions, such as:

  • Task creation
  • Task name modification
  • Assigning a member to the task
  • Duplicating the task
  • Moving the task to a task list or project
  • Adding/deleting a comment
  • Add/remove a label
  • Add/remove file (attachment/link)
  • Set task to “priority” or “non-priority”
  • Change task to “confidential” or “non-confidential”
  • Change task to “completed” or “not completed”
  • Time modification
  • Add/remove start date/end date
  • Set or delete reminder
  • Change completion percentage
  • Set task as “milestone” or “non-milestone”
  • Set up/remove recurrence
  • Modification of budget values
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