Customize the project icon

You can replace the pictogram Pictogram schoolbag  representing a project by default with an image of your choice, to make it easier to identify your project in the left-hand column and in the multi-project Planning and Gantt views.

Multi-projects view with customized


You only have this option if you are the project creator or administrator.

Project settings

To modify your project image, click on the Options du projet Project settings” icon in the top right-hand corner. In the “Project” section, click on the image location.

Modify the pictogram into an image

Image selection and display

Click on the pencil to choose an image to replace the default pictogram. You can :

– Drag and drop the image into the appropriate location.

– Browse your files.

Copy and paste the image URL.

The image of yout project is personalized

The “Show project image” box is checked by default when an image is selected.

If you uncheck this box, the chosen image is maintained in the project settings, but the default pictogram Pictogram schoolbag will be used in the various views and pop-ups.


Good to know: when you share a project with other users, the image you have chosen is displayed by default for all these people when sharing.

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