Use the time display in the « Who » view to plan your resources

Display the members timelogs in the « Who » view

In the « Who » view of your projects, you can visualize and enter the expected workload of team members on all project tasks.

View of the ocupancy rate of the ressources


This display allows you to visualize the availability of resources at a glance, thanks to the pie chart that materializes the occupancy of the resource and its availability (grey = free time, green = busy time, red = work overload).

You can plan your project workload by visualizing in real time the impact of your planning on resources availability, thus optimizing their working time.

You can also make a tooltip appear with information about the activity of the resource (aggregated time, working day duration of the member, occupancy rate) by hover the mouse over the pie chart of the day you are interested in.

Schedule time in the « Who » view

In the « Marketing » project, Vincent was allocated 6 hours on the « Improve SEO » task and 20 hours on the « Communication plan » task.

In the « Who » view of the project, this is how the situation looks when the times are displayed:

Workload of Vincent

We can immediately notice that there is an overload of the Vincent « resource » on Tuesday the 6th of July. Vincent is supposed to work 10 hours on an 8-hours day…

We can also see that the 2 hours scheduled for Tuesday 6th for the « Improve SEO » task cannot be plan/positioned at another time on the task since Vincent is already 100% busy/occupied for the rest of the task’s duration (July 8th and 9th).

On the other hand, Vincent has a 2 hours hole in July the 2nd. So, I can place/log 6 hours of work on the « Communication plan » task on July 2nd, and 6 hours on Tuesday the 6th of July on the same task:

See how the workload planification for Vincent is optimized

Vincent’s occupancy rate is now optimal, and all his entire workload is well distributed.

Tip: in the case where the allocation on the occupancy of a resource remains difficult to handle, click on the member’s icon to access their full agenda. You can view every task of the given period. This overview will make your decisions easier as it presents the tasks of all the projects the resource is assigned to. See the following article:

If you want to know more: you can notice that on Wednesday the 7th of July, Vincent is 100% busy while he « only » has 4 hours scheduled. The reason for this is that Vincent usually only works 4 hours on Wednesdays and has customized his weekly hours accordingly in his Beesbusy agenda profile. Find more information about this in our dedicated article: