The Beesbusy search tool

Your search is performed by default on the selected project

When you are on a project and write what you are looking for in the search engine at the top left, search results are limited to items in that project.

Search anything you are looking for in Beesbusy with the search tool.


Etendre la recherche à tous vos projets

Extend the search to all your projects

You have the option of extending your search to all of your projects by clicking on the “Extend the search to the entire application” mention:

See the number of results for your research.


Type of the research results

The system performs a search in all elements regardless of their nature:

  • Name of a task
  • Name of a task list
  • Name of a project
  • Name of a member
  • Word in an action
  • Word in a comment
  • Name of an attachment
  • Etc.

The results of your research are sort in different categories such as project, task lists, tasks, etc.


Easily view the item you are looking for

At the end of your search, when you click on the desired result, the system lands you on the result highlighted by a blue box. You can then easily access the content of the element.

The result are clearly visible when you click on it.


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