Presentation Mode

Beesbusy gives another dimension to your meetings!

Display, modify and present your projects in full screen


Present your projects during team meetings
Display your schedules in full screen
Work with no distractions
– Available on web version –

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Think bigger

The Presentation Mode allows you to use Beesbusy in full screen mode: perfect to improve visibility during a team meeting!
You can also use this mode to improve your concentration: all other programs become invisible.


  • On the web version, click on the orange icon next to your profile picture to activate the Presentation Mode.
  • To exit, click on the cross icon in the upper left corner of your screen or hit “Esc” on your keyboard.

More collaboration

Enjoy Beesbusy’s many collaborative features and discover a simple way to improve teamwork and communication.

This feature is available with a subscription. 

To easily reschedule your project and enjoy other advanced features,
take a look at our Business subscription.


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