Default configuration options for a new task

Schedule the task at its creation date by default

You can check the option “Plan today” in the “New task default parameters” section of the project settings:

option by default menu


This option allows you to automatically schedule a new task on the day it is created.

Using this configuration, the task is scheduled as soon as it is created in the Gantt chart of the “When” view of the project in question:

tasks scheduled directly on the gantt chart


Set a default duration

You can assign a default duration of one day or one hour to new tasks created by clicking on the options in the drop-down menu:

drop-down menu default duration


Thus, the duration is automatically generated in the “When” tab of the task:

When tab with automatic duration


Assign the creator to the task by default

Finally, you can assign a task to its creator as soon as the task is created.

Choose creator by default option


This configuration allows you to automatically add the member who created the task on the “Who” tab of the task:

Who tab with creator assigned by default