Deal with deadlines and unexpected events

Reschedule your project while keeping its structure


Keep project duration
Maintain tasks organization
Reschedule your project to meet your deadlines
– Available on web version –

Let’s try!

Display the tasks of your Gantt chart according to the dates you wish.

Meet your deadlines

Entirely plan a project and look at its start and end date. If they don’t match your deadline, simply adjust them!
You will keep your project organization and you will be able to pick the date allowing your project to run smoothly.

Face the unexpected

When you reschedule a task, the start and end dates of your project are updated and you can mesure the impact on the whole project.

You may also change the start or the end date of your project in order to adapt to any unforeseen event.

Analyze your project’s performance

One your project is over, you can evaluate how much time was spent and optimize your future organization.

This feature is available with a Business subscription. 

To easily reschedule your project and enjoy other advanced features,
take a look at our Business subscription.


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