I have created a project but other members of my team cannot see it

If a member of your team doesn’t see one of your projects, there could be several reasons:

  • The member did not accept your invitation: in Members> Invitations, the member must accept the invitation that you sent. Otherwise, the connection is not effective and you cannot share a project with him.
  • The member has not been invited to collaborate on the project. A member of your contacts must be invited on your project to collaborate. You can invite him either in the project settings, section “Collaboration on the project”, or in the profile of the member, section “Shared projects”. Also, if you assign a task to one of your contacts in the Who tab of the task, he will automatically have access to the project.
  • The member is in “no access” status: this means that he has no access to the project, he is not notified that he is on this project. To modify the access rights, you must go to the project settings by clicking on the icon  Options du projet , under “Collaboration on the project”.