How can I create a template project?

If you think you have projects that are going to look the same and want to have a project “base”, you can create template projects.

Create a template

The principle is simple: start by creating your project, and add the necessary details. Here are some tips for preparing an easily usable template:

  • Use the additional fields to fill in information such as instructions on how to use the project.
  • Assign generic members to the tasks (create for example a virtual member called “Project Manager”, which you can then replace by a real member of your team – see explanations below).
  • Organize your planning and the structure of your project: schedule your tasks, add links and milestones (you can then reschedule your whole project – see explanations below)
  • Add comments and attachments if necessary

Organize template projects

Once your models are created, here are some tips to organize them well:

  • Rename your templates: use a clear naming style that will allow you to find them, for example by using to the search feature.
  • Classify your models in a dedicated folder.
  • Or archive templates you don’t use often. You can find them later.

Use a template project

Start by duplicating your template project. You can choose the elements to copy (comments, labels, attachments, members).

Then you can work on the copy like any regular project. The 2 projects are then completely independent.

Here are some features that may help you:

Use a template from the Beesbusy catalog

You can also take inspiration from Beesbusy template projects, which allows you to be guided in creating a project.

To access the catalog,

  • Click on the Beesbusy logo at the top left of the screen, the project creation page is displayed (if you have not customized the logo URL, otherwise, click on the user drop-down menu at the top right then on “Home“.)
  • or click on “New project” in the menu on the left of the screen then click on “Create with assistance” underneath.

Then click on “Choose a model” and make your choice among the different models offered (arranged by category).