Where to consult the developments and new features of Beesbusy?

On social medias

We communicate regularly on social medias to inform our community of news concerning Beesbusy.

The posts that we publish describe among other things the developments and new features of the application.

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In Beesbusy

You can consult our “New Features in Beesbusy” project which presents developments and new features classified according to their month of availability to users.

This project is accessible as a shared page via URL. The link to this project can be found on the home page of your Beesbusy account:

Shared project on the home page

As a reminder, you can access the Beesbusy home page:

  1. By clicking on the Beesbusy logo at the top left of the application.


  1. By clicking on “Home” in the drop-down menu of your account.

How to access the home page of Beesbusy