Using Beesbusy in education programs

3 January 2020

Beesbusy supports training

At Beesbusy, we believe that project management should not be a matter for experts but accessible to all. This is the reason why we have created a tool that allows everyone to simply organize themselves while having access to advanced features.

Beesbusy can thus be successfully used by schools, universities or any other training organization to train students in project management and collaborative work.

We have for instance developed a partnership with a BTS (Technician certification) class.

Why train in project management?

Working in project mode is now inseparable from the corporate world. With the digital transformation and the evolution of mobility, many teams choose to use tools that allow them to work more efficiently and easily in all circumstances.

It is therefore important that learners are trained in the use of these tools and practices in order to be able to perform well when they enter their working life.

Beesbusy allows you to work collaboratively on any type of project, and to manage projects in a simple way. It is therefore an ideal tool for this type of learning. In addition, we encourage best practices from users, especially with badges and on-demand communication.

User case

We are proud to support the students of the BTS SAM (Technical certification in management) at Colbert high school in Lyon (France) and their Economics-Management teachers. They use Beesbusy to work in a collaborative way on their projects.

The students were able to discover project management easily and their teacher was able to follow and guide their learning even from a distance.

They share their testimony (in French) here:

Beesbusy user case


Using Beesbusy for training

What about you?

Would you like to offer Beesbusy to your students or pupils? We would be delighted to discuss with you the possibilities of partnership.

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