Manage your time with Beesbusy

Beesbusy proposes you to plan your time with functionalities which adapt to the needs of all the teams.

You can simply schedule tasks in time (start date and/or end date) by assigning members of your team.

The workload for a member may then be considered equivalent to the duration of the task.

You also have the option of dissociating the duration of the task from the workload of members on that task.

For example:

Duration of the task: 5 days.

Workload for a member assigned to this task = 3 days.

Beesbusy allows you to manage times globally or plan them in detail and to have exportable copy in Excel or CSV format.


Global approach

You can set an initial/predictive workload for each member of the task.

Log initial time to a member


Each member can log their Achieved Time globally on the task and change the Remaining Time if necessary.

Plan workload on a schedule on a task for a member

Beesbusy automatically calculates the % progress of the task.

Barre d'avancement de la réalisation de la tâche


Detailed approach

You can schedule each member’s time (in hours or days) per day, per week or per month based on your input and track method.

Plan time on a task for a member


  • You can see the member’s availability (occupancy rate) in real time when planning.

Select a period of work on a task for a member


Compare Total Time and Planned Time to make sure you plan the time needed for each member to complete the task.

Plan a time of work on the schedule for the member

  • It is necessary to plan another 2 days in the above example.


Each member can log Achieved Time per day, per week or per month according to your needs.

Plan workload on a schedule on a task for a member


You can visualize the interventions of each member on the schedule of the project knowing that a member may continuously intervene on the task.

Visualize workload on a task of a member on the Who view of the project


You have the possibility to allocate the member’s workload directly on the schedule and visualize  in real time the overall occupancy rate on the project or all projects.

Overload work on a task for a member appears in red

  • In the example above, Beesbusy highlights in red the 0.5 day overload as the member is already scheduled for one day on that date.


You can also view each member’s schedule with the tasks they are working on day by day and their occupancy rate by day, week or month.

Visualize the workload of your team on the member's calendar



Whatever your approach, you have the possibility to visualize the planning and time management data through Excel exports:

By project

From the When view or the Who view, by clicking on the button at the top right:

Nouveau bouton pour exporter le récapitulatif des temps du projet

The time export from the When view is presented by task list, while the time export from the Who view is presented by person.

On several projects

You can also extract all this data from the Gantt (sorted by tasks) and Calendars (sorted by people) views.


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