Choosing a free software for your project management

Project management: what are the upsides and downsides of a free tool?

When operating on a tight budget, it is understandable to be looking for cost-effective tools, softwares or apps.

In fact, it is now pretty common to find solutions in a wide price range, even free versions.

Beesbusy’s free version

What is included?

First of all, creating an account is free.

Secondly, as long as you don” take a subscription, you can use our free version. Thus, you can enjoy unlimited tasks, task lists, projects, and collaborations.

You have access to the “What” view, which allows you to organize your tasks by task lists, as well as other features: reminders, project folders, a personal dashboard and sending Buzz (notifications).

Beesbusy’s app for mobile and tablet (iOS and Android) is free as well.

Why use a free account?

A free Beesbusy account allows you to discover our software and some of its basic features.

This version also allows some of our professional users to give access ette version permet également à certains de nos utilisateurs professionnels de pouvoir donner un accès ponctuel à leurs projets à des collaborateurs extérieurs à leur structure.

If you just need to make quick lists with reminders or get organized very simply, this version may be right for you.

Why upgrade to a paid version?

The limits of free offers

If you need to organize any type of project, you are going to be limited by the free offers. For example, in Beesbusy, you will not have access to certain features such as schedules.

Since a project management tool aims to make you more efficient, it may be worthwhile to look into the advantages of paid subscriptions. Indeed, there are very reasonable ones, which allow a real gain in productivity for a minimal cost.

On which criteria to choose?

Choose a solution offering non-binding subscriptions or even pay per use plans. That way, you can modulate your subscription according to your needs.

In the same vein, choose a tool that allows you to keep your data during the paid-free / free-paid switch. Indeed, there is nothing worse than losing all your projects when you stop your subscription.

Also choose a tool that you will be able to make the most of by using it to organize everything on a daily basis. With Beesbusy, you can organize all types of professional tasks and projects (marketing or IT projects, administrative tasks, HR process, to-do list …) as well as your activities and your personal planning. A good way to save time and money!

If your budget is limited, consider analyzing several criteria that will allow you to reduce the financial impact of such a tool:

  • Choose an easy-to-use tool so as not to spend time and money training your employees
  • Pick a solution that does not require setup or technical intervention
  • Define your needs upstream to ensure that the features are right for you

Above all, take the time to try everything thoroughly before making your choice!

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