Getting organized with Beesbusy in 2020

A better organization to free up your time

Want to boost your productivity, spend time with your loved ones, or start a new hobby? In 2020, why not free up time for what matters to you?

If you want 2020 to be synonymous with success in your projects, you can count on Beesbusy.

Discover our 3 tips to make the most of Beesbusy, organize your daily life and save precious.

Cup of coffee to stay active.

1: Clarify your goals

First of all, define your goals. They must be clear and realistic, to motivate you and help you stay the course, without discouraging you.

You can, for example, make a list of your goals in your “to-do” project. So you can read them again as soon as you need to.

These objectives can then be broken down into tasks, steps or actions to be followed. By proceeding in a structured manner, you make sure to leave nothing behind and to obtain a guideline which will be useful to you afterwards.

Organize your work into a project by creating tasks.


You can for example use the quick creation of tasks in Beesbusy to write everything down and then move these tasks in different projects or reorganize them within the same list.

With the progress status, you can assess where you are. Move the indicator as you go and savor every little victory.

Expert advice: set different types of objectives (for the week, for the year) and make regular assessments.

2: Prioritize

Take the time to prioritize each task or goal. You can then tackle your tasks in a specific order.

To do this, you can define a task as a priority, it will then appear at the top of its list. You can also use labels for prioritization: for example, one color for medium priority and another color for low priority.

To define the priority level of a task, evaluate the impact of its completion. For example, a task that brings you a new client must be processed as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to reread your objectives to better define your priorities.

To get an overview of the tasks to be processed (priority, late …), create dedicated lists in your personal dashboard. That way you can focus on what’s urgent without distraction.

Follow the progress of your tasks with a dashboard.


Expert advice: if a task can be done in less than 2 minutes, do it right away. You will get rid of it and free up your mind.

3: Plan

Use the scheduling features in Beesbusy to distribute your tasks over time. Indicate a duration, a start date and / or an end date. This way you don’t let anything slip and make sure you can do it all on time.

You can also create recurring tasks, which will allow you to clearly identify the actions to be performed on a regular basis.

Recurring tasks in Beesbusy.


You can use the reminder feature for tasks that you are afraid of forgetting.

By proceeding this way, you will get a clear schedule that includes everything you have to do. Thus, no more forgetting.

In Beesbusy, the new Gantt chart allows you to display even more tasks and view their status (red: late, orange: in progress, gray: to come). You can even create links to display a sequence of tasks. This very visual method of organization saves you time.

You can also identify periods of overload and possibly distribute your tasks to optimize your planning.

Schedule, visualize the tasks of a project in a Gantt chart.


Expert advice: in addition to planning, the allocation features can allow you to distribute and delegate your tasks.

This is a good way to start 2020!

Start organizing your projects


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