Beesbusy supports Milena in her journey to qualify for the major sporting events of 2024!

Beesbusy is proud to announce its support for Milena Surreau, the international parabadminton player, in her journey towards qualification for the Paris Games, which will take place from August 28 to September 8, 2024.

Milena Surreau

About Milena

Milena is an athlete suffering from spastic paraparesis, a rare disease which results in a deficit of strength in the legs.

Currently ranked around 5th in the world, this new parabadminton prodigy became French champion in 2022 and European vice-champion in 2023.

The “Team Réussite” program

It was thanks to the “Team Réussite” program that Beesbusy was able to meet Milena and support her in her dream project.

Beesbusy is committed to “Team Réussite”, a support program for top-level athletes launched by the Institut du Mentorat Entrepreneurial (IME).

This program offers athletes competing in the Paris Games the opportunity to team up with entrepreneurs and benefit from mentoring and financial support.

Our shared values

The partnership between Beesbusy and Milena is based on fully shared values such as inclusion, hard work and determination.

At Beesbusy, we like to learn from each other’s experiences, and Milena’s fighting spirit perfectly complements our company’s vision.

Beesbusy is honored to be part of Milena Surreau’s adventure to the major sporting events of 2024.

Follow her journey

Join us and share her successes by following Milena’s journey on her social networks 😊

Instagram: Milena (@milena_surreau) • Photos et vidéos Instagram


LinkedIn: Milena Surreau – Présidente – SASU Quatre Pattes et un Volant | LinkedIn

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