Beesbusy celebrates its 5th anniversary!

June 7, 2022

Beesbusy celebrates its 5th anniversary !
A look back at some of the highlights:


June 7, 2017 _ Launch of Beesbusy

An atypical model with 96 associates, family members, friends, historical professional relations of the founder.

Montage visuel pour présenter Beesbusy


July 2017 _ Seminar in Préfailles to launch the V1 of Beesbusy

Equipe Beesbusy en séminaire


January 2019 _ Beesbusy shows its application at CES in Las Vegas

Dreamteam au CES de Las Vegas


November 2019 _ Beesbusy is the winner of the Enedis Start Me Up contest

Remise des prix du concours Enedis


April 2020 _ COVID crisis

Beesbusy is picked up by the government as a tool to help French companies to organize themselves in the implementation of teleworking.

Beesbusy soutient les entreprises pendant le COVID


April 2021 _ Beesbusy is selected and presented on France 2

Beesbusy sélectionnée pour passer sur France 2


June 2022 _ Beesbusy celebrates its 5 years!

Fête avec les collaborateurs pour les 5 ans de Beesbusy