Beesbusy at the Salons Solutions trade show in Paris

8 October 2019

Beesbusy participated to the “Salons Solutions” trade show in Paris, October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Discover how it went!

The “Salons Solutions”

After participating to the CES in Las Vegas last January, we stayed in France this time to introduce our software to IT professionals. The Salons Solutions happen every year in Paris and are dedicated to 6 main topics: ERP, dematerialization solutions, CRM, BI (Business Intelligence) solutions and Big Data, e-purchasing softwares, Servers and Applications.

These professional trade shows are designed to help businesses of all sizes get the information they need regarding business softwares, systems and applications.

Our new offer

During this event, we launched our new features and the Enterprise subscription plan.

This new plan is designed for companies of all sizes wanting advanced project management. Included are our new features of time tracking as well as the customization option:

  • Log time on a task (initial time, total time achieved time, remaining time and completion).
  • Track and manage all time logs for a project in the When view (for each task and task list) and Who view (for each member).
  • In multi-project views, also display time tracking reports for all your projects (Gantt and Calendars).
  • Export these reports to Excel (perfect for invoicing purposes).
  • Customization option: change the color of your interface and add your logo.

This new offer, which can be interesting for computer service companies, consulting firms or any company needing to manage consistent and horizontal projects, is ideal for the public of this trade show. Overall, Beesbusy was well regarded by our visitors.

Visitors’ feedback

During this trade show, our CEO and founder, Geoffroy Lacour, hosted a workshop with the following title: ” Discover Beesbusy, the collaborative Project Management solution that brings together expert and occasional users!“.

Geoffroy introduced our software and how it can be used by companies to help manage projects with people of various backgrounds.

We also performed more than 100 free and customized demos at our booth. We gathered information about users’ habits as well as first impression of visitors who were discovering Beesbusy.

The project management specialists  were pleased to recognize familiar advanced features, such as Gantt charts, time tracking or multi-projects views. They were also pleasantly surprised to discover that Beesbusy goes even further by including features such as the presentation mode or taking into account working hours into the planification of a project.

Beesbusy also impressed project managers, used to well-known but sometimes very complex softwares. Indeed, our user-friendly tool can easily be used by any team and thus the project manager can drastically reduce the onboarding process.

Visitors from small companies were very interested in our pricing and the possibility to organize all kinds of projects with a single tool.

We were even visited by people already using Beesbusy and who came to say hello and to give us some feedback.

Our experience

Our team is very happy to have participated for the 1st time to this trade show. We came back to Nantes with very positive feedback and it will give us a boost for the near future

We would like to thank all of our visitors, as well as the organizing team.

Stay tuned for new updates soon!