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Fixed links between tasks

Normal links, Fixed links: what’s the difference? In the “When” view of your projects, the normal links materialize an order to be followed in a succession of tasks. The fixed links, in addition to this order to be respected, define a duration between the linked tasks. Duration which will remain…


Display of task number

Activation of the task number option You have the possibility to activate the “Display task number” option in the project settings. Later on, if you do not want to display the tasks number anymore, you can hide them by desactivating this option. The numbers are incremented as tasks are…


Improved tasks export

How to export the tasks of your projects and the times assigned to them In Beesbusy, you can export the tasks of your projects, as well as the working times of the members corresponding to these tasks, from the When and Who views of the projects. The export from the…