Full demo of Beesbusy

Do you want to discover all that Beesbusy has to offer?

Watch our full demo and enjoy a tour of our features.

Please remember to turn the sound on and switch your video to full screen HD for a better experience.

Organize everything on one platform

In this video, you will discover our features, such as:

  • The What view (Kanban board)
    • Project and task creation
    • Task details
    • The Buzz (notifications)
    • Meeting creation
    • Time tracking (time logs)
  • The Wen view (Gantt chart)
    • Tasks planification
    • Tasks dependencies (links, milestones)
    • Overtime visualisation
    • Custom display
    • Rescheduling a whole project
    • Time tracking and export to Excel
  • Who view (team schedules)
    • Planification by member
    • Schedule optimization
    • Trime tracking and export to Excel
  • Projet settings
    • Project access rights
    • Working hours setup
    • Duplication, archiving and deletion of a project
  • Organizing all kinds of projects: examples of personal and professional projects
  • Multi-projets views
    • Custom display using filters
    • Multi-projects time tracking
    • Multi-project schedules
  • Présentation Mode (full screen)
  • Buzz notification center
  • Online help
  • Dashboards
    • Global Dashboard for an overall view of all your projects
    • Individual Dashboard
    • Customized Dashboard
  • Team
    • Creating a member
    • Invitations and collaborations
  • Search engine
  • Profile
    • Badges
    • Workspace customization

Enjoy our video!

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