How to manage privacy and transparency

2 July 2019

With Beesbusy, balancing privacy and transparency becomes easy!

How to share and secure information in your projects? Discover our tips!

Create confidential tasks

Manage tasks privacy and visibility.


In the task detail panel, activate the “Confidential task” option: the task can only be seen by members with Administrator status or members assigned to the task.

Manage access rights to a project

Adjust the settings for the whole project.

Go to the project settings to manage your team’s access rights: Administrator, Modification, Read-only, No access…

Communicate with your team

Don’t forget that there are 2 very useful features to share information:

Comments in the task details panel


Use the comments to exchange information with your team, start a conversation or add more details to the task.

You can even share documents or images below the comments.






Send custom notifications from a task or a project to highlight a specific element.

With the Buzz, you only receive relevant notifications.




With Beesbusy, you are always in control of the information.

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