Elodie manages her businesses without giving up her free time

16 June 2017

With one store, I could keep tabs on my team with regular visits. But with 3 stores spread out across 3 different towns, how I can I stay close to my teams? I’ve already learned from experience that it’s important to save some free time for myself.


Remote collaboration in real time

Before the week begins, we fill in the sales team’s schedules. A list of tasks is assigned to each of the stores.

There are no surprises, I can always see exactly who’s working and what tasks each sales associate is working on in real time. Our work is seasonal. I have to plan ahead for the rush periods to make sure my employees don’t blow a fuse.

No problem, the dashboard is automatically updated so I can follow along with each day’s activities and provide help when needed.


My secret: Beesbusy, the best application for finding free time

Beesbusy quickly became the indispensable app for collaborating with my teams. It’s a tool that’s easy to set up, with no need for special training, and best of all, it’s a pleasure to use! I have complete confidence working with my teams and I’ve finally been able to get some free time for myself.



  • I plan my team’s work for the week
  • I enter the tasks to be done at each store
  • I can collaborate without having to visit each site every day
  • I regularly check my dashboard as it’s updated in real time
  • I can plan ahead
  • I get free time for myself


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