As an accountant and president of a soccer club, Olivier has a lot to manage

1 July 2017

As the president of a rural soccer club, here’s how I manage to make time for myself in addition to a very active work life.


Remote collaboration with members of the club office

For a long time, I had been looking for ways to make our club meetings run more efficiently, and most importantly, to communicate more easily about all the tasks that need to be done over the course of the season. We’re all volunteers and, although we enjoy getting together at our meetings, we need to find ways to save time.

The soccer season also includes a number of important events for which we need to be well-prepared.


With Beesbusy, I take the time I need

In my quest to save time, I discovered Beesbusy. I schedule our club meetings after first taking care to list all the tasks that need to be done before the meeting, then distributing them to each of the members.

The application is user-friendly and easy to use, everyone got used to it quickly, and now we come to the meetings all ready to go and happier than ever to see one another. We’re ready to talk about each season’s events with complete peace of mind.



  • I schedule my meetings and club events
  • I enter the tasks that need to be done by all office members
  • I take the time I need


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