Filter tasks by label in multi-projects views

4 February 2021

Your tasks filtered by label in multi-projects views

In a project, you can assign up to 6 labels to tasks. Each label has a default color which is not editable, but the name of a label may vary between projects.
Therefore, in multi-projects views, sorting tasks by label will be done on colors only. This allows the labels to be used across multiple projects, using colors thematically. Example of use: blue label = tasks to be discussed in a meeting, yellow labels = tasks requiring communication with the customer, etc.).

Step 1, open the filter:

Step 2, select the color:

By selecting one label to filter tasks, all tasks in projects with at least one label of that color are displayed. Below, the tasks with a blue label are on the Multi-Projects Calendars view.

Filter with multiple labels

You have the option to filter tasks with multiple labels simultaneously. In this case, only the tasks showing all the labels chosen in the filter are displayed.

For example, if I filter my view with a blue label and a red label, only tasks with a blue label AND a red label will be displayed.

Your tasks filtered by category “Without label” or “With label(s)”

In order to display all the tasks with one or more labels, click on the dedicated mention “With label(s)”.

You also have the option to display all tasks that do not have a label by clicking on the “Without label” mention.